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Life is all composed of systems.  Systems are things that produce results via steps that are in a sequence.  Read Systems - The Core Of Life And Getting Results for deeper understanding.


1. Your models of reality (“beliefs”)
2. Your systems you use to get what you want

Tweak those to what is true and what works and you'll have a great life.


Belief system --> Operational system for life -->  Actions --> Results

These two are first in the chain - and it is true that "a chain is as strong as its weakest link - just don't let the chain of life be weak!!!  (We will further develop the systems that will allow us to create, rather than be the victim of, better beliefs and thusly better emotions, better actions, and better results!

If you look at each area of life and then rate how you are doing in each, the rating reflects how well your system that causes the result is constructed.  (Duh! Of course!)

The "big" (meta) systems of life are:

Physical body (incl. mind)
Emotional (including "spiritual")
Material (Things have, consume)

If you wrote a "rating" of A for excellent all the way through F for failing next to each item in your life to indicate the level of results each is producing, what would your life grade average be?  Would that be good enough or would you like to learn more and develop better systems so that you can live your dream?

If you look at the "mental" meta system (as in the more detailed listing in Systems In Life Listing), you'll see within that system that we can develop better systems for "using the brain system, such as "problem solving", "decision making", "ways of thinking", plus.  As you further develop those, your life will rise several levels and you will get more of what you want!

We are quitting way too early, and settling for much less than the potential, in our learning and our improvement of the systems.  We need to learn that such learning is highly productive (and not "painful" or "sacrificial") at the level that there is almost nothing more beneficial that you can do with your time.  It is a key objective (a MUST) of this website and/or what I write to get you to see (and to be motivated enough to DO) that it is worth your very life to build in a good dose of life learning and systems improving.  Once the systems are improved, life will be so much easier and greatly better!!!!!


We are 'given' certain operating systems that operate automatically: body/mind and emotional.  If we understand how they work, we can then, of course, work them better in order to get what we want!  (Note that with those systems we are given, we have the ability to develop any of the capabilities others have developed.  Except for accidents of DNA and such from birth, we are ALL capable of living great lives - ALL!)

What we want is sustenance enough to meet our physical needs, pleasures, and, most of all, "meaning" (or the "value" given to what is in our life, to ourselves).  Our life is ultimately "measured" by us in terms of "accumulated life value."

Humans spend an immense amount of setting up systems to "get along" in life, but they do alot of it unconsciously and don't really examine it sufficiently to determine what would work the best.  Consequently, life ends up being unduly hard or unhappy - needlessly!

Each time we improve a system, we improve the level we are living life at - and life becomes a grander and grander blessing. 


You can do either of the two following approaches - or both.

Follow a great path for creating life wisdom and building a life, such as The Only Sure Path To The Greatest Life.

The "Fixing Your Systems", Building Approach. 

In any event, the only way to have a great life is to build it, as it will not be created by some miracle or by the randomness with which you are living your life right now. 

What this approach looks like, though the order can change is:

Fix the worst operating systems to get the ship back afloat.  List in order of the need to fix depending on the problem's consequence.

This would look like this as a beginning list before you altered the wording to positive objectives:

- Extreme consequences of feeling bad from ongoing anxiety, guilt, and shame, related to and tied in with the need to gain approval.
- I suffer from the behaviors related to the above so I have to fix those.
- I am too busy, often overwhelmed, I do not know how to manage my time.
- I cannot seem to "be present" when I am with family.
- I think only of how I can do more to get more approval and achievement, that, besides anxiety, rules my life and closes it out.
- I do not know now to say no and maintain my boundaries, so I take on things that I don't like and/or which make me be too busy. 
- I can't seem to think well, so I make poor decisions, often from a lack of perspective.
- I have trouble following through on things.
- I am not very productive, and can find myself hours later far off the track.
- I cannot assert myself to protect my golden hours....


I would like to live a life without anxiety, feeling peace of mind and having perspective in life, a life of wisdom, where I am powerful in terms of sticking to what I need to and of getting the desired results in life.  I want to be cool, calm, and collected in life, subtly smiling at life and at the interesting foibles of mankind.  I want to love myself totally and support myself totally and be fully present with those I love, free of all worry and any self concern. 

Or Fix my time management system so it is easily workable and sustainable.  (time is the essence of life
   Have a great sustainable, workable schedule and system (with learning time built in)
   Have a task management system that works and captures all
   Have an infomration management system that works and assures proper access and
- Decide which friends are highly supportive and positive around me and a good influence ans eliminate or reduce exposure to others. 
- Do the Belief change process to change my top 5 core beliefs that are not serving me.

Put these in the order in which you'll do them, then do the first until it is completed and working, then the next on the list toward the same end, and so forth. 

A start of a list might look like this:

Fix my nutrition
Implement my exercise routine
Assure I get proper sleep and have consistent energy

(See, using the search engine, what to do in each item you come up with, even if you think this site couldn't possibly have addressed so many things!)

Systems, Contents, Links - Read the discussions and "get the idea".

The Systems In Life - An Overall Listing And In Detail - These are your pathway to a great life!

Read further on each system

Until I put in links, you can link to any of these systems by entering the term in the search engine (see right below the title)

What is a system?

Remember, a system is just sequential steps leading to a result:


What is a causal chain?

A sequence of causes that are also effects of each prior cause. C = cause, in the following chain

C-->C--> C-->Result__

Note that any result (which is an effect) is likely to cause the next result - and this can continue ad infinitum.
When analyzing an effect that we have that is "not desirable", we must go back and see what cause caused it and change that cause to what will cause a desirable result. 
Productivity (value produced for self)
Financial (meet needs, freedom)
    Making money