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Note that programs, checklists, procedures, any way of doing things...are all systems, going from one step to another to another and eventually to a result.  Tweaking systems to work better is not only a necessity but a great way to to create a great life!

Super-Principle: Good Programs, Good Procedures, Good Systems - For Life To Work Well! - Everything comes from a mechanical pattern, in your life and even in your body and mind.  It is essential to know this!
This is the way to create incredible personal power!

Procedures And Checklists For Maximum Productivity, Greater Ease, Greater Effectiveness - Discussion and how to use systems in your life.

Work The System, Work The Plan!  And Your Life Will Work, Guaranteed!  

A habit is a systemUsing The Power Of Habits - Understand, Then Devise, On Purpose! - This makes life massively easier once you "get it" and starting installing them (and improving the bad ones!). 

The Systems In And Of Life - Fix These And You'll Have A Great Life!- Pick which to work on and put them into priority order!!!  

     My Systems - What They Are And What To Redesign/Improve - I've identified my systems and then decided which are of the greastest importance to tie down and improve. 

Click on the items above and start yourself on the road to everything working in life.

I will be adding to this as I go...

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"We live in a mechanical world."

"Physical reality operates in the same way, everywhere, all the time!"

Adopt this "simple life posture, one that will advance every area of your life."

And you will attain control over your life and the ability to make it magnificent.

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Quotes are from The Systems Mindset, Managing The Machinery Of Your Life, Sam Carpenter.  (Available as a free pdf also, at

Systems: The Core Of Life And Getting Results - Incredibly important.  You must learn this and practice it in your life if you want to fully live the great potential of your life. It is a necessary component for happiness in life!