This is my attempt to give you an overview, without all of the details (and there may be a few misestimates, which you can correct as you read the piece before you commit to anything).

This is, I think, the greatest organization for changing the mentality and progress of the world.  [KG: We must offset the deterioration that will occur in society as a result of fewer jobs and an increased destabilization potential of losing our life and emotional skills - and happiness.]

It is life training that exceeds any of the other resources I've seen (which are also good, but not advancing as quickly as MindValley).  (See also The Resources For Success.)

At first glance to some it might appear to be over in the less grounded "transformation" category, but most, per my experience, are full of well-grounded, very workable and doable, life skills success achieving programs.




MindValley Academy - Where your "library" of courses, quite a few (of limited length) at no charge, is kept. The "premium" courses are optional signups after the free "Master Class"  session.  Costs can be up to $995 per course, from $129, which I believe is the lowest.


FinerMinds.com (see also YouTube) - Sign up when popup occurs.
MindValleyInsights.com - About business development
Zenward - Like it sounds...


300 families spent 30 days in Barcelona, with 4-6 hours of education daily (four days) from lots of experts who "dropped in" from around the world.  This will be done yearly in places around the world.  The next one is in the incredibly advanced small country of Estonia.  $1,000 or so, plus your own living expernses wherever you are, plus costs for 3 "premium" classes (often bundled together, cost varies from about $295 for a day to $695 for all 3).

If the page for Barcelona disappears, just enter in your search engine "Mindvalley University".


Dashboard.mindvalley.com - You keep all your courses there, for immediate accessibility


A = Awesomeness.  An invite-only (screened from lots of applications) curated community of exceptional people from 50+ countries who come together every year to esplore a key topic in personal transformation. 


The Code Of The Extraordinary Mind, Vishen Lakhiani.- Question your beliefs and redefine your life and success on your own terms.

Excellent summary (including links to videos): Book Summary.

“Extraordinary minds understand that their growth depends on two things: their models of reality and their systems for living. They carefully curate the most empowering models and systems and frequently update themselves.”
[systems for living = habits, day structure, eating, etc. that plug into reality to get the best results]  Your “models” are your beliefs, which must align with reality or you’ll have problems.]

Video summaries of chapters are also available on this mindvalley-provided page:  http://thecode.mindvalley.com/courses


Jeffrey Allen - Energy Work '
Vishen Lakhiani - On becoming limitless
Robin Sharma - Performance
John Gray
Peter Diamandis
Ken Wilber
Joe Vitale
Jon Butcher - Life planning (LifeBook)
Marisa Peer - Self Esteem
Eric Edmeades - Nutrition
Christine Bullock - Fitness
Michael Beckwith - Conscious evolution
Lisa Nichols - Creative Visualization
Emily Fletch - Meditation
Sonia Choquette - Intuition
Psalm Isadora - Tantra
Many others, just review the Mind Valley Academy home page.


Extraordinary By Design
The 8 Millionaire Blocks (Eker)
The First Step Of The Modern Master
Bending Reality
Discovering Your Purpose
Unstoppable Confidence
Living In Duality
Instant Transformational Hypnotherapy
Meditation Mastery
Many others


I would say that some of it goes past the provable "fringe" of reality, but that most of it has solid, effective substance.  People who believe in the unproven are wonderful people, but I believe differently and base what I do on examining things for myself and seeking logical, scientific method proof, though some things cannot be disproven.

Good books to read are The Believing Brain, Michael Shermer, and The Righteous Mind, Jonathan Haidt.  (The links are to this site's page summaries of those books.)

Free Videos

MindValley Channel
(There are others on YouTube also, so you can use the search engine.)
Put them in an order that is logical and use them to "learn life".

Life At Mindvalley - Note the unique, happy culture of the organization and its incredible offices.  See also "MindValley Presents The World's Most Awesome Job" - incredible, plus lots of awards....

Some specific videos

3 Ways To Be Unf*ckwithable (45:37)

Mindvalley - Part I of 2 (47:38)  - Discussion of what is going on in the world and the why of MindValley

Free presentations, from A-Fest!!!

[A-Fest After Movie (2:00)]

A-Fest Livecast: Biohacking, Body & Brain (8:59:39) (Yes, the length is correct.)

How To Reshape Your Body And Mind In Minutes A Day (29:08)

Lots more.  Explore by putting in the search engine for YouTube: "Mindvalley A-Fest", for "open sourced" free presentations at A-Fest!
Binge watch these, but take notes - and then write to me to let me know your experience AND how it benefitted you!  (Contact)

"Founded in 2003 by Vishen Lakhiani, Mindvalley is a learning experience company that publishes ideas and teachings by the best authors in personal growth, health and fitness, spirituality, productivity, mindfulness and more – serving three million students, subscribers and followers worldwide."

"We are ambitiously determined to push humanity forward by empowering our audience to live healthier and happier lives, to unleash their fullest potential – to be extraordinary."

Mission:  "We want to change education globally and provide innovative, holistic education for all levels – from infant learning and highschool models to all stages of adulthood. Our ultimate goal? To launch a school of growth and humanity for a billion people."


I went to the two day "Mindvalley Reunion" to check out the man behind this incredible organization, so I added the premium day before 5 hours with Vishen and 75 other participants.  (I started a page of my observations about who he is, how he operates, and what we might learn from how he is:  Vishen Lakhiani.)

A remarkable person, truly.

The experience of the whole "reunion" (which had many first time people), 800 people or so, was constantly interesting and exciting, to me. 

I learned that a few presenters that I did not fully appreciate had actually earned, with substance, their abilities that cause them to be in huge demand. 

And the participants were incredibly accepting and open and interesting and quite accomplished, with ages ranges from a charming, inquisitive, savvy 23 year old woman to me (the oldest, methinks.

I intend to ally (solely on my side) with their cause, and hopefully to provide access, to the MindValleyers to some of the missing pieces which will inevitably not be covered in almost any course.  (Again, LivingMasterfully.com and its sites are not-for-profit, pay-it-forward, give-back.)


Look at the sidebar for the free videos.  You have full-time week's worth of materials, provided freely from Mindvalley as "open sourced".  Although I might construct a page to put them into an order, by subject, you should plan the order in which to watch them.  And I suggest you do learning intensives, where you spend a whole day or two just focusing on these (be sure to take notes and to be sure you implement what you learn!)  See Effective Learning.