As mentioned on the page for MindValley, I went to the MindValley "Reunion" largely to see how he operates.  Although I've received their emails and followed some of their videos, I was motivated by the remarkable feat of having 300 families go for 30 days to Barcelona for Mindvalley U. 

That was so impressive, I thought I'd try to find out more about him, by observing him in person.

He moves rapidly on ideas, getting them to completion by the staff in a very short period.

He is an extreme innovator, trying completely new things and getting them to work, from the Mindvalley U (mentioned above) to an award winning office and management style.

He stays on purpose, with high intention, not getting distracted by anything that might catch a regular person's awareness.  He does not need to please, but he does communicate (i.e. languages) his caring about other people's benefit.

He orchestrates.  Twice there were instances where an audience member was inappropriately (unhelpfully) communicating on the microphone and he interrupted in a crisp, to the point way, with a very clear message about the usefulness of the question and/or the comment - and he moved everything back on track.

Speaks rapidly and extremely precisely, while being extremely alert and communicating very well.  Watch one of the videos to see his style.  Although relaxed in a way, he is always like a man on a mission, very determined. 

Intensely focused:  When he walks he doesn't look around, he keeps his focus straight ahead and is not diverted by other people (making no eye contact).  Of course, when he is in the workshops he looks at more people, but still he is tremendously focused on orchestrating the whole show and getting his message across.  Right after the workshop, on Monday morning, he rolled his two suitcases into the restaurant, looking like he was determined to go some place, and then abruptly leaving through a side door with the luggage, without nary a glance straight ahead where I was sitting (which makes sense as I was, relatively speaking, irrelevant to his mission.

In very good shape physically.

Of course, the success of his company is a great indicator of his commitment to create effectively and in a few short years.  (The company is probably worth $100 million.)

World's Greatest Workplace: Vishen Lakhiani at TEDxAjman (19:13)

Why Happiness Is The New Productivity (The Story Of Mindvalley) (52:01)