Setting aside a larger block of time from the minimal 4 hours, one day, two days, to a week is apowerful way to speed up your progress in life and to make big advances in a short number of days, instead of spreading it out over months and months (and maybe never even getting to it! 

This will help create a momentum in your life, of not only a feeling of progress but actual progress and increasing the level of your life sooner!


Learning intensives are simply periods of time where you intensely and exclusively focusing on learning a topic, skill, etc., of choice to the point that you carry what is learned to the point of implementation and receiviing the benefit (or settting it up so that it can be obtained). It is a time for actually completing something to assure getting a result - so much of so-called learning ends up nowhere - for, if you do not get a result, there is no point to learning!

One of the key advantages is that it eliminates costly "switching costs" (time to re-setup and to get going and get back onto the thinking and facts needed, losing track of where you were at or what you were thinking, etc.). 


__ Set aside the time and allow no interruptions (beside rejuvenating breaks)
__ Make referenceable notes, for review when needed (tickled)
__ Completeness, go through to results
    __ Actions identified
         __ Written procedures completed where needed
   __ All actions not done at the time are tickled, for soon!


Although I am not going to list all of the intensives that you could do, here are a few recommended intensives.  But note, please, that if I label it as a one-day intensive, you could make it a whole weekend.  And the most effective are often a full week, especially where one is away from all distractions and can only focus on the subject matter AND are guided by experts in a well-designed program.

Tony Robbins programs, such as (for free) doing a full day of video based on selections from the page Tony Robbins - Directory To Resources.  (See, by linking from that page to Program For Learning Life From Tony Robbins.)

For changing your beliefs dramatically, perhaps the most important thing you can do in life, do a proven program like the one week retreat at The Hoffman Institute.  Instead of playing around with and keeping bad beliefs, decisively process and get rid of them!

Do the Taking The "Quick Path" To A Better Life.

Personal productivity program: Done in two days by PL - Seeker Of Life Mastery: Implementation of The Life Value Producttivity book (mine) click her to get the link: Books.

Or see The 30 Day Challenge page (on this site).

Follow any of The Learning/Implementation Programs you choose, for a day program (or whatever period you choose).

A program workbook called My 30 Days To A Better Me Workbook is good (about $40).

Do one day each of two weekends, where you implement a book like
Living Forward, Hyatt, or set up a plan book like I suggest in The Life Plan: For Constructing The Life I Love.

Do, as a project, what is in a selected book from The Best Books Lists

Get a great start on the readings (and doings) in The Only Sure Path To The Greatest Life

This page is part of The Best Ways To Learn discussion. 

Be sure to do Smart, Directed, Effective Learning, as a foundation for your getting the most out of this in the fastest way.


Always Start At The Beginning, But Only With The End In Mind - We can start without knowing what the total end looks like yet.

Do "focus periods"

Each month, in your monthly planning, set up something you will focus on for 30 days. 

An excellent one is recording your beliefs (or "head talk") that are negative, as they come up and then creating new ones to install.  See Beliefs Processing section.

Consider NOT doing this

Spending a week or 4 days or whatever going to a by-your-choice set up of one hour sessions on multiple subjects most likely will be a set up for classical inadequacy, plus most people never harvest even that much, so that it ends up with no completion and no value added to your life. One just gets a quick shot of "hope" (from getting excited about how much will be learned and applied to make one's life better....).