This will give you the "biggest bang for your buck" (your time) of anything you can do in your life!

Of course, this will take time.  It will look something like this: “Allocating My Time To Learning Implementation”, which is section in the piece:  Life Mastery - From Self Assessment To Commitment And The Choice Of A Path.)  Inasmuch as it is necessary and motivating to decide what to improve/learn, you would best consider doing that Life Mastery Self Assessment test in the above piece.

Despite the fact that it takes the investment of some time, you will actually find yourself with more freed up time for doing what is of value to you.  You will actually gain time - and you'll feel better and better and better along the way.  You can always choose to get off the path, after you've reaped the quick improvements.  You will find yourself deciding to do the next little part of each path knowing that each part will give more benefit than the time invested - and, so, you will progress piece by piece, deciding anew, while currently living a better and better life...and, finally, arriving at living what you will know and declare a permanently great life!


First, take the self assessment in the piece  Life Mastery - From Self Assessment To Commitment And The Choice Of A Path 

Then, follow this path: Improving Life Quickly - Just Install, Without A Long Process.
It is a super value productive path!!! (You can take the path in the order specified or you can jump around to the area you most want to see improve the soonest.)

The above piece will lead you to the next part, including two other quick paths you can choose to take.

A journey must begin here...

No, a journey of a thousand miles is not actually begun with a single step.  It is actually begun with a single decision.  Perhaps that decision is only the simple decision to begin to follow a path that will lead you to the point where you will decide which forks to take in the road.

We know, just as we knew in school, that there are certain subjects we must learn to prepare for our journey in different areas - and we already know what the core areas are for each person.  So the path is the same, though where on the path you are will vary.  You will, if you don't score perfectly on the Life Mastery Assessment, need to follow those known paths to complete a good level of competence to serve you living a better life and, if you so choose to continue on the path past basic levels, to create a truly great life of great happiness.

However, I would prefer that you become very, very clear about why it pays off to truly master life and that you make The One Decision That Determines All Of Life.

That decision may be too big for you right now, so I recommend that you start with at least a 30 day commitment, with an option every period to renew and continue.