[This page will be added and developed more, with added pages, but this is the initial set up for you to read.]

PL, like the rest of us, is in the process of "learning life", seeking happiness.

The difference is that he is an extremely active learner and thinker who is truly committed (rather than dedicated, as it come up now and then).    Most people are caught up to some extent in the opposite, in Non-Thinking, Non-Learning.

I am creating this page as an intro, from which there will be many questions, questions answered, and lessons learned and actually lived.  You get to be a "voyeur" in this process, to see what actually needs to be done in a real life.  You simply follow the links to the emails (his and mine) as it progresses, using the Contents, Links page where the links are to the emails and other written pieces.

PL is highly advanced in certain areas (often areas we culturally look up to), yet he is vulnerable in other areas of life that he simply has "not yet learned", though he is avidly working on filling in what is missing.  He is neither good nor bad, just a human who has or has not yet learned (see the truth behind No Fault thinking). 

As of the writing of this initial piece, I only have a vague idea of how best to utilize this for your benefit as an accesser of the site.  I'll come up with something, but it would be helpful to have some additional inputs, from those who are so inclined:  Contact.

I, personally, will benefit from what will come of my thinking and endeavors and problem solving efforts.  The benefits will be in terms of what I learn that can be used both in my life and in yourss, but also in the personal satisfaction and the inspiration of actually seeing a person take the reins of his own life and create a higher and higher level of living, in more peace and satisfaction and deep contentment and happiness.

This, indeed, is my mission, what I have chosen to do, having lived my "first life" already, arriving at a place of "more than enough".


This is an opportunity for you to advance more rapidly in your life learning by seeing actual real life examples (and the motivation and mindsets of PL).

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Seeking Life Mastery - The Journey Of PL - I've decided to use this online document format so that you can follow the whole story if you wish or simply select certain subjects.  The document is easily searchable! 

PL And His Life Learning Process, Contents, Links