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A keystone is "a central stone at the summit of an arch, locking the whole together', without which the whole arch cannot have any strength and is likely to fall. It is "the central principle or part of a policy, system, etc., on which all else depends."

(A picture of a keystone is in this companion piece The Keystones Of Life - Additional Notes And Discussion.)

For example, you cannot have a great life without the keystone of physical health.

Physical health provides the keystones of energy necessary to think and go into action to produce a great life. But the keystones to having energy are you must move (exercise, stretch), breathe (really well, to produce higher energy), recovery/sleep, and eat very nutritiously.  This is a "Duh! Of course!"   But few do it, though the net benefit after subtracting the time and effort to do so is huge, and even saves us more time than it takes, though people do not see that until they've studied the area.  It is priceless!


But there are higher arches (above those), from which to look at and run our lives.

Live by the 80/20 principle - for without it your life will have 5-20% of the total value it would have otherwise.  (As part of this, you must learn Life Value Productivity.)

Maintain being in the homeostatic Power Zone - It will assure you are fully living the hours you have.  This includes, of course, maintaining very good health and energy.

Learn, in the key, core "life areas", "how things work" and "how to work them" to a "sufficiency" level so that you can create a great life.

Learn your psychology and developing the ability to manage your emotions and the underlying beliefs that cause them. Complete this, no matter what and as fast as you can, for it will be foundational for you to live a great life.

To know, and follow up on, the fact that all normal humans have the core abilities with which to build any part of life and any life skill.  All that is needed is learning the correct mindsets, to fully harness life.

To completely give up dependency (leave the childhood mentality) and to live in 100% responsibility and self-sufficiency - Give up any part of self-sufficiency and the victim creeps in and life effectiveness and confidence are sacrified proportionally.  


A fully functioning time management system in place as managing time and effort is the essential to using life to its max.

Using expert resources so you do not have to live through trial and error or slow learning.  Use models and examples, so you don't have to reinvent something that others have already used for success.  I repeat "do not reinvent"!


Get these into gear as soon as you can, at a "sufficient" level and then refine them and build them further, to the level where you have at least a good mastery of each and are fully functioning.

The SuperPrinciples Of Life

If you don't install all the keystones, you will be stuck with The Big Regrets In Life