Being edited, but there is already great value and a reading/learning sequence for you to digest and integrate it into your life. 

"Good enough" is a similar idea to "sufficiency", but it is not meant as a pejorative judgment in this case.  It just means done to a sufficient level to get satisfactory results and that doing more might not really be needed.  More than "good enough" must be questioned as to the value derived from the extra effort.  Read The 80% Approach - "Good Enough" and follow it for a huge gain in productivity (it is different than the 80/20 Rule).

Read the pieces in the sidebar, as a reading/learning sequence. 


See and read and undersand and integrate the perspective in The Box Of Concern.

Learn "sufficiently" "enough" to be effectively operable at the basic level first, in all key areas of life, so that you have a foundation with no big weaknesses.  (Do not try to overdevelop in any area at this point.)

Then and only then you can go further in the order of which you think produces the highest return for your efforts.

The key areas are:

Effective thinking (and how the brain works)
Problem solving
Emotional management
Belief management
Productivity management
Energy and health.
How to be happy
Sufficent skills to earn good money for your time, at the "enough" level plus.

Enter each in the site's search engine and follow the programs or reading sequences.

Of course, it will pay to learn how best to learn and planning, which actually is attached near the end to productivity management learning.  

Sufficient Knowing

Achieving Sufficient Awareness 

Principle Of Sufficient Certainty - No More Is Needed, No Less Is Acceptable - An absolute must in life.

"Sufficient" Psychological Certainty - A Quality Of Being, A Psychological Viewpoint - Do this and your life will change forever.

Self-Sufficiency - Giving To Yourself What Is Needed  

Sufficiency is also a productivity concept, meaning that we have produced enough to get the result we want, and the payoff beyond that is not needed.  It relates to the decision to switch over to another project or activity that will yield more benefit per hour than the old one (or any activity).

See also, and understand and live by, The Marginal Returns Principle.  Do not operate from the opposite end of (non)thinking Perfection (The Sure-Fire Path To Hell).

"If we do enough so that it is sufficient to get the valuable result we want, then we can choose whether to go further or not - but we should never choose not to go far enough!

Guaranteeing Insufficiency

Are You A Life Dilettante? - Living with insufficient knowledge...

Guaranteed Sufficiency

Completion - The Process Creating Great Power - See The Hell Of "Stopping Short".

"Sufficient" Knowing/Understanding - Don't stop short of that! 

Mastery Learning, For Results!  Not Allowing Cumulative Misunderstandings, Misknowing & Missings - A key concept, don't leave a Learning Gap.

Do "The Build" For Greater Success in Life!

We gain the most net benefit by building our foundational abilities and structures. We at first go for "sufficient", and then stop and decide if more is needed or profitable or beneficial enough... (see The 80% Approach - "Good Enough)

Once you build the key pillars of life to sufficiency, you have the solid enough foundation to live a good life and to be fairly powerful.  From that base, you can choose to build a higher and higher level of life, but without hurry or haste, for ww weill already have "arrived" at "enough" and now we are playing the game above that

If you build something it is more certain than if you hope for it...that is why we are "insisting" on the importance of following The Principle Of "Building" A Life - Doing "The Build" For Greater Success in Life!.