Although this might be obvious, I just wanted to take a bird's eye view of this process for perspective and possibly more clarity.  The details and a discussion are at Reconstructing Your Belief System Step By Step - Finishing 'The Job', For Happiness!

Although it is a good idea to do this on no less than 10 major beliefs on your own, consider using a guide or workshop to engage you in a constructive process where you don't have to figure out the approach.  (See Psychology Resources page for books or services!) 

There are two processes that we can use, which are complementary to each other.  You can approach this from either direction.


Install The Healthy Beliefs directly, using the same installation process as below.  You could even copy or modify the elements in the The Philosophy Of Life section, in order to clarify and adopt your own philosophy of life!


Discovery: Be aware, notice (Simple)

    (Basic Belief Discovery: The Components - A basic diagram)

Record what happened (and the emotion or feeling and some possible beliefs) (Easy)

    Write down anything that occurred before or right at the time that caused a negative reaction in you (a feeling, an emotion).  This is the "criteria" for what to write down, normally in a journal or The One Master Notebook, as we'll retrieve these for use later.
The erroneous beliefs are normally those preceding "bad results".

Process them this way (Takes a little bit of thinking for the list, alot to finish each of them off!)

a.  Do a master list (Takes a little bit of thinking, otherwise it is just organizing.)

    Prioritize by the importance or impact or urgency and put them in the order in which you choose to process them.  Then follow that order until you get to sufficient results.

b.  "Analyze" them using these guides.  (This takes directed effort and focus.)

    Learn from others.  ALL of your beliefs have been experienced by others and solved by them in some way.  You can use on this site the many I have answered for you and just copy them:  the Directory Of Specific Beliefs And Issues page. 

    Use the forms.  You can go from the easiest all the way up to the most detailed ones with the most steps and pieces.  Start with one of the simplest ones until you "get the hang of it":  Belief Processing Forms - Directory And Links.     

Install them to the point of automaticity.

     Read the new ones at least daily (or twice a day is better), until you can recite them by heart in the actual circumstances that they could be needed in.

Enjoy the expanded freedom and wisdom in your life

This modification of beliefs is NOT OPTIONAL.  You cannot afford to keep the old erroneous beliefs in your life, for they are too toxic and too destructive to allow to be repeated over and over in your life!!!!

The Super Journal - Focusing on what area at a time to go deeper for more and better results!

The Beliefs Workbook - Organization For The Vital Completion Of Your Beliefs - A very serious approach, where you not only replace bad beliefs but also nail down your philosophy and other beliefs. 

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Identify Core Beliefs - More Than 90% Of What Most People Believe Is Not True - 99% of beliefs that cause negative emotions are not true!