The Reminders Notebook can be a very key part of your having a happy life if you exploit its full power and potential, reading some pieces in it daily.

As will happen with anything one is not yet familiar with, it is difficult to survey the table of contents and to decide what to do first in the Reminders Notebook - and which pieces should go into the smaller reminders notebook

So, I will attempt to give you what you might do in the order that I would do them if I was starting with this essential life restructuring process. 

First, as quickly and imperfectly as you can, fill the "positives" (see below) tabbed sections by doing these:

1.  Quick Set Up Of Your Reminders Notebook - Creating A New, Finer "Mind"

2.  Using already provided examples of what to put in the notebook (see Example Notebook, with links to the pieces), fill up these key "positivity" tabs with something to start from and/or modify for yourself.

Start with these, in this order:  (You can actually review the table of contents and select your own order, too.  Enter the title of a section or piece into the search engine.)

Again, these are all linked to, for your use, the examples notebook, but specifically in Getting Centered For The Day - From The Example Reminders Notebook.

  My Daily Reading, for you to read every day.
  Gratitude - The summary or key items should be read every day
  My Key Affirmations - Key ones daily
  My Ground Of Being
  My Power Life Statement
  The Positives Portfolio - Do ALL of the pieces, as this will be a major part of your life and confidence foundation.   The pieces will be spread out among several of the tabs (see, of course, the table of contents for the reminders notebook).   

3. Start reading, aloud if possible, these parts every day within two days!: (even if you have to read the ones I've provided; just mark them up as you go to begin to formulate one that fits you better).

   My Daily Reading (I have also used My Daily Grounding Summary Page - Never   
      Live A Day Of Not Being Solidly Grounded.
   Gratitude - The key statements   
   The safety pieces in "my base in life" and the 'perspective for the day' pieces linked
    to from Getting Centered For The Day - From The Example Reminders Notebook.  
    (The "safety pieces" are all part of the Positives Portfolio, listed under #2, above.) 

4.  After you have done the above and are reading the key sections daily, then you can add more sections that will fill in more of the foundation for your life.  This is no minor project, so you have to do it a bit at a time, hopefully allocating some time every day (for it will benefit your life every day as you do The Build).  (The sections are listed in the Table Of Contents linked to from the Reminders Notebook page.  To see examples of the pieces use Getting Centered For The Day or enter the term in the search engine.)

Reassurance, Coping Statements
Instantly Re-Centering
Start the Log Of Good Deeds And Good Things I've Done

5. Then, add some items that tak a bit more thinking and processing. (In such cases, I recommend that you implement the basics first, by doing, for now, do a quickie initial version only!):

Probably first (and remember to add more as you think of them:

My Rules, Standards, Boundaries section - Do quick lists of them, then use the tabs to go back and refine them as you live your life.
What I Choose/Declare/Stand For section

Probably next:

Practices, My Daily (part of developing "structure" that serves you well in life)

And, be sure to do these doozies, which are powerful but have to be started by a quickie approach, and then added to over time:

My Life Philosophy (Overview) - This could be earlier in the order, but I don't want to have you get bogged down in this.  Do a quickie, no more than an hour or two initially and then you come back and flesh these out more over time.  Philosophy is a key determinant of happiness, so don't bypass this, as it is a "practical" philosophy that we are formulating here, not a theoretical or mystical one. 
My New Beliefs - This is part of one's life philosophy, but a whole creator of a new life and a new psychology to live in life. (See Reconstructing Your Belief System Step By Step.)  Some people may wish to, especially in the initial stages of focus on reconstruction, have a separate little notebook, with tabs, to put these in for easy reference and for returning to as one refines and builds these up to new heights of power.