Of course, you want to share your heart, your listening, perhaps some humor to 'lighten up" someone's life, and other such things that touch the moments of life. 

But, I suspect, we most want to share that which has the greatest long term deep value to others - value that they can harvest from over and over and over in their lives to create the lives they truly want when they are thinking and being at their highest. 

So, the question is, then, how best can we do that?

Indepth discussion and sharing in person can be hugely beneficial, but often that is not so easily feasible, so we are left with "passing on" that which we think is of value, via electronics, mostly. 

So, here are some methods, with brief instructions, by which you can do that.


If you went onto the blog that I am currently using,  "A Happy And Effective Life" (click on Blog at the top of this page), you could pass on the information by doing the following, from the bottom of each post (on any other blog or site also): 


Email share:  An envelope with a small arrow:  Click on this and then forward it to whom you'd like to share it with, via email. . 

The "ribbon" containing the following:  (Run your cursor over the gobbledy gook at the bottom of any post and you'll see the following to click on.)

"Email this"  Click on it.  Give a reason for passing it on.

"Blog this":  (Create your own free easy blog on EBlogger, sometime just called Blogger or Blogspot, but run by Google.  Friends would sign up in the "Follow by Email" box; so any post you sent would automatically be emailed to then from the list that they signed into, without you having to write in the email address each time!  You can have several different blogs for each interest group.  Easy set up:  just watch a video on YouTube of how to set it up.  You can simply paste into your blog the address links to a posting you want to pass on or you can copy some excerpts (along with a link to the post). 

"Share to twitter"

"Share To Facebook":  Click the button, then you just provide the password (your email will come up automatically if you've inputted it into your account information), and you can share it. 

"Share to Pinterest"


In each personal email service, you can set up in your contacts a group to which to mail specific interest items, so you don't have to reenter email addresses over and over.  You can come up with a flattering name for the group, as the name will show up each time you email the group.  However, since I am not sure of every email service not showing the individual addresses, I would recommend just sending the email to yourself and then putting in the "bcc" the group email designation.  In fact, I'd always do that bcc for any multiple address mailing.  (Bcc = blind copy, where no one can see who you sent a copy to!)


Although it can be or might be inspiring just to jostle people once in a while (and that is ok), I recommend that you pass on that which will require and/or cause an action that will, or could, benefit the lives of others. 

In my virtually costless Kindle (which can be read on any computer/device) book "Life Value Productivity" (link from the Books, Booklets, Summary page, as the title or the format, such as PDF, might change), I suggest that you just plain eliminate everything that is of little value and/or impact so that you can concentrate on doing that which is of the highest value.  (At some point, you can eliminate that which is not of necessity and which is of medium value, so that your life mostly consists of that which you choose as the highest value.)