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(beginning draft)


Although the vision of the Life Management Alliance is to benefit and build strong, life effective people, the vision does not stop there.

Ultimately, the vision is that we could develop excellent world leaders, not for political purposes but to help create and coordinate solutions and to effective "market" them to citizens and governments and businesses as needed. 

Essentially, it would be similar to a think tank, but it will be an effectiveness organization, devising the plans and then making sure they are implemented in a way that works.

While we need powerful thinkers, we also must do effective implementation.

In order to get the highest level thinkers and effectors, we will pay the market rate for them in order to get the best AND to assure a good life time career.  Of course, some leaders will have already met their goals or needs and might choose to voluntarily reduce their compensation and/or work for the organization in a special quasi- consulting capacity.

It will seek its own funding from the public, but also large grants from companies.  Of course, no undue restrictions grants from governments would be accepted.  But this will be a "for the public good" company. 

It may also seek separate funding where it "competes" in a sense with the political people where politics is hindering progress too much. 

It will, of course, lay out strong policies that should be implemented, but it will not leave them in obscurity to go down into nothingness other than a good thinking project.  These policies will be driven to the point of assuring implementation.  In some cases, totally separate funding may be used to finance the group to do a job that the government is to do.  In all cases, the organization will seek the most practical, cost effective path, with the emphasis not being on "cost" but being on "effectiveness".

We will seek alliances with other similar oriented organizations, in order to leverage the possible results and benefits to the people. 


Dramatically revolutionize education such that it produces people with high effectives in life and in the world.  Have many more "super schools", driven by a great "template" run by what is provided as guidance from a central (nongovernment) entity.  The students would learn great thinking and how to manage their lives effectively, not leaving that to chance or happenstance.  The public would be educated so they would no longer be part of the declining trend in thinking, the over-reactiveness of "sides" of the political world, the cultural continuation of poverty thinking and entitlement thinking... and such.  Particularly speed up the super-processes such as those initiated and implemented by The Kahn Academy (page on this site).

To educate political leaders, such that they understand economics and business and the realities of how things work.  To, if deemed that we could be effective, realign incentives such that there are no longer such conflicts of interest.  To set up a system of required information, presentations in writing and videos, where there are only a set amount of funding from the government/citizens - to make the election process be fact-based, reasoning based, true qualifications based, while educating the citizens to tell the difference and to not go with emotional ploys or "good looks" of some sort.

Assure poverty is eliminated, using creative solutions, from relocating people in geographically hopeless locations to suitable opportunity locations.  Set up corporate sponsorships for a "neighborhood", for providing materials for the residents to use to improve the neighborhood, to places for people to gather for good purposes, scholarships, other "hands up". 

To stop frivolous or "monetary force" litigation, with the loser of the case paying all the fees of the other (with some alliance financing of the case provided when justified).


It is my intention to create this myself, as I get past developing the life materials and finding others who I can put together who will create the next higher level of education and getting the word out.  I will go to the "greater power" mode as I implement for myself more of these "methods" I devise and put on the site. 

I need to raise the money, gather more expertise and talent around me, do higher level marketing (doing none right now!), and become that leader who can pull this off.

This is my intention and I shall devote my life to achieving all the good that can be created.

Pledged, as a renewal, this 27th day of January, 2017,

Keith D. Garrick