Go to internet for more detailed instructions, especially using YouTube!

Google is totally costless.

Create your google account (click on this link and fill in the requested information, using your current non-google email address)

  To get onto a google page, just enter "" in your address bar, the top entry space on a webpage.

  A set up page, which you might not really need if you just follow the first line above:

       How To Make A Google Account (WikiHow) 

Once you've gotten into your google account page, click on the 9 dots over at the upper right side

   Go to "more" and click on it, then drag and drop into the top the "drive" triangle symbol.
        Click on that symbol.  Then go to "shared with me" symbol on the left (with two little people next to it.
        Click on it and you'll see the documents that have been shared with you. 
             You can edit those pages if you want.
For google drive:

  Once you're in, you click on "new" and select "docs" and click on the + and you'll be operational.
       Click on "file" and then "share" and the document you are working on will be shared with others using

The only way to learn all of this, besides reading one of the manuals you can buy via a bookstore, is to use the old tried and true trial by error.  And remember, always, that "at first, we're all incompetent!"