(Those who are retired might think that this does not apply to them, but it does.  It applies to anyone making any decisions in life about how to get the most out of life.)

In order to see this in perspective, in a diagram, open in a separate window Living In The 5 Quadrants Of Quadrant II - Expanding Quadrant II For More Life Value Productivity.  (Our "productivity objective" is about Life Value, not other "production".  See Life Value Productivity - Producing The Maximum Life In Your Life.)

Here are the 5 quadrants of Quadrant II:  (You cannot afford to leave any of these out or to do any of them with mediocrity  if you want to have a great life!)

II.    The CEO - Maximum Effectiveness/LifePower
IIP.  The "Power Investor" - Creating Life Power/Capability (to a high level!)
IIA.  The Benefit Creator - High Value Actions (to create the meaning and benefits)
IIR.  The Rejuvenator - Rejuvenation, Energizing (without which one cannot do well)
IIW.  The Happiness Creator - Emotional And Physical Well-Being (the foundation for

And all of those wrap around again, bact to the CEO to fully experience, appreciate, and love it all, for maximum happiness!!!


So, while looking at the diagram of the 5 quadrants, note that the central block is that of the CEO (chief executive officer in charge of the overall entity [you]).  He/she specifies where the corporality (your body and your mind) will go and then assures that everything is done to effectively get us to those goals and our purpose in life (which is actually the same for every one of us, though the means may differ somewhwat).

The CEO does what is called in brain science the "executive functions", which all occur only in the higher brain.  You, as the CEO of your life, train and manage the lower, primitive minds (aka Dumb and Dumber) to align with what you want.  (See, and understand How The Mind Works!)

While the CEO, obviously, is the smarter one, it does need time to map out life and to see how to make it work better.  To assure that time you must (as in the diagram page) set aside sufficient hours for it to run the show and to decide what to work on and for how long (you'd best set up a Pre-Set, Super-Committed Schedule For The Day (and for a week)  If you give it sufficient time and follow the steps I recommend, you can always be sure that you will do well in life.  If you don't, the monkeys of the mind may be running your life, which is not a pretty picture!  (See The Human, Chimp, And Computer Brains - How Our Brains Work [diagram].)

Interestingly enough, the CEO is also who you really are, as both the experiencer/"witness" and the one who creates all the meaning in life.   

And then the CEO directs the other four quadrants (yes, I do know that I have 5 quadrants...).  But note, in the box, what the CEO must do in order to better direct it all - if he doesn't, he is giving away much of life and not profiting much from life.


The Power Investor invest time and effort into creating greater capability to live life better (not just in one area).  In this quadrant, we develop full life power, so we are capable of getting anything we want in life. 

If you don't fully learn how life works and how to work it, how could you live the best life? 

And one of the super-meaning areas of life lies in special, close relationships, which you need to invest fully in so that you can reap the most benefit and satisfaction.

You MUST learn how fears work and how to work them (see through them and determine what is valid and what isn't).  Although you will retain the instinct you need for truly dangerous situations, you will have no falsely created threats or fears - your days will be completely free of fears or anxieties and of stress.  You will, essentially, be fearless.  This enables you to be open for the great goodnesses and benefits of life, with no subtractors - and reaping the fullness of the moment, since you'll no longer be stuck in the past or worried about the future!

You MUST learn this if you want the truly greatest life, free of the negatives!

This is the lynchpin, the keystone of creating a great life.  You get an incredibly great return on your investment, 100's or 1,000's of times over! 


Obviously, one needs to "harvest" all the potential good and to use our capabilities that we've invested in - or you'd have missed the point of it all, to do that which is necessary to gain our end purpose and goals and to experience the true meaning and value of a good life. 

And doesn't it make sense to be a great chooser and screener of what to do in life? 

And doesn't it make sense to focus mostly on very high value producing actions, so that you get the highest total value out of life?  But somehow some people haven't quite got the message, even if they have read about The 80/20 Principle (where the four primary quadrants come from) - they still allow too much that is valueless in life or of value, but very low value.  Now that doesn't make any sense at all, when we can choose to gain all of what is of high value but we don't choose it!!! (Duh!!)


This quadrant could go first, as without rejuvenation and energy we could not get very far nor experience truly feeling good, in full health, and not stressed.  We cannot simply burn the candle at both ends nor continue onward when we truly need a break and/or "renewal" (and repair).  This is the facilitator of our being able to be much more productive in life.  It, too, is a lynchpin, a keystone of life! 

For this reason, much discussion, including the need for breaks every 60 or 90 minutes, is included in the book about Life Value Productivity, which is, perhaps, the first book you should implement, so that we can free up the time for the Power Investor to use.  The next book (at the time of this item still to be created, so you might sign up to be notified via the blog) will be Smart (and easy) Self Control.  Link to them from Books.


This is the final necessary piece, as it connects us directly to gaining the end purpose of life.  It fits with The Rejuvenator and perhaps overlaps.

If we do not learn the happiness practices, we will harvest much less of the great potential of life. 


If you fully do each of these 5 quadrants of the major Quadrant II and stay out of the other 3 major quadrants, you will indeed build/create the greatest life.

You might start with this path first, in order to have a sequence to follow: The Only Sure Path To The Greatest Life

This is a Branched Learning piece, where you can use it as the central piece and then go back and click on the links to go to the "branches" of the "tree", as deeply as you choose.   Accordingly, to finish the whole piece might reasonably take a week or several hours of focus.  But I guarantee the value you will get out of it will be well worth the effort!

So, you get to be a "proactive learner", doing more than just quickly reading a few articles or just skipping to something else. 

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