page is in process, contact me if you would like to speed this up for your quicker use, which I am happy to do.

THE MASTERING OF LIFE BOOK - This is the overall, overarching book, which will at some point be a Kindle book.  It will have the master links that take you to all of the readings on mastering each area. 

While you can choose the order you want to go in, there is a particular order than I strongly recommend that will build a better base for you to understand that other areas and how to be more effective in them. See the sidebar.

The Checklists For Running Your Life - Almost like a book, but it just pulls out a list of specifics to do to get to your objective. This can be a effective short cut to getting good results.

Learning/Implementation Programs, Contents, Links - These include pieces to read in the area plus actions to take to get results, such as in conquering fear.

An alternative order
for harvesting these

While you can certainly adjust the order for your interests or urgencies, this order will build in an order I think makes sense.  So, pull some of special urgency up to the top, but generally I'd recommend you follow this order:

The Life Decisions Book - These decisions will form the base of your very life and what you put in it.

What Is Reality?

The Emotions And Beliefs Book - Do, asap, a beliefs audit, based on what causes bad emotions - correct these and life changes incredibly!


At the end of each book, you will check off whether you have attained the "basic", "good" or "mastery" levels.  It turns out that the most productive way of mastering life is to gain basic or good mastery of each key area 1st and then going for the higher levels as you desire to make life even better.

These "books" at this point are a sequential presentation (in a book form or in a reading list form) of readings that will lead you to mastery, with resources and recommendations and forms and many aids that will enable you to implement this more quickly and more deeply (to actual effecttiveness.

Copyable and useable: These books will almost all be available in Google Docs pages, that are accessible to anybody with a computer.  Unlike pdf, you can modify, add notes, or do anything you want with these, such as pull out the most significant things you want to review or use in some way. 

The idea of all of the books is to get you to a level of effectiveness where you can manage life much easier and more powerfully, so that life runs very well. We will not repeat everything about an area, as we will be focusing in one the key things that are needed, and feasible within the time constraints of life, to have mastery over life and its subareas.


The development and changing nature of the books

As these books will be changing in form and nature, it would be a good idea to be on The Blog so that you will be notified as they change and/or are added to.

You'll have two choices in some subjects.  Some will be new books in themselves.  And some will be a compilation of related pieces, put in order, to read from the key site and from the blog.  One psychology professor had asked me to put these into a collected format, such as a pdf.  But the format will be in a more accessible (available to anyone) format that one can copy from or modify in any way that will help you harvest the value of it.

The Life Decisions Book - Before you are able to really be inspired and on purpose and efective these overall life decisions must be made intelligently.

The Practical Life Philosophy Book
  What Is Reality? - You must know this first, or you
     won't be able to align with reality, which you must  
     do if you truly want to become truly effective in life
     and produce from life all that which you truly want!
   Philosophy Of Life Overall - And worksheets.
   The Practical Life Wisdom Book - This is the path
   and doorway to complete, ongoing happiness and
   mastery of life.

The Happiness Book - What will, in real life, increase happiness AND reduce/eliminate unhappiness.

The Emotions And Beliefs Book - Since beliefs and thoughts cause the emotions we must first correct those, gaining a great positive effect on emotions.  Then we proceed to learning the rest, about how to manage emotions and behaviors.

The Self Control Book - Self control is not about a battle.  It is about intelligently using the "forces" that be to easily and effectively channel one's energies into what is truly best for you and your life.

The Time And Productivity Book - Before you can have the time to do all of what you want, you must be able to make it available, which can only be done by following these strategies and tactics.  Do the bigger things first and you'll get immense results in a fairly short time - plus you'll have the time to really build your life.  Link to the extensive Kindle book I've written on thie primary area of importance:  Life Value Producitivity.

The How To Think, Learn, And Decide Book - True mastery of life cannot be attained without being able to think and learn at a high level so that you can make great decisions and choices in life!

The Pracitical Life Wisdom Book - Wisdom is about knowing what to do, with great perspective and calmness, to be able to get any result you want in life.  As wisdom increases the level of life and happiness you are living at goes up and up and up.

The Relationships Book - Certain key points are made that do not seem to appear elsewhere and/or are commonly espoused but are nonsense.  This book will point to various other supplementary resources and guides for your life.

The Success Book - Just follow the clues, with no mystical thinking, to use these proven methods of "building success"!  See all the videos I've linked to as useful to you, from a number of the very best gurus in success!

The Physical Well-Being Book - This cuts right to what you must be doing, at least the top 10 (sometimes 5) things you should be doing.  Just follow them - and then you can choose later to learn more - but I doubt that you'll "need" to do that, as you'll be doing very well, indeed! 

The Easy Effective Financial Results Book - We unnecessarily make it so hard.  This cuts right through the nonsense into the workables to get you to a good operating level - and often you'll need go no higher.