Making love is a form of communication and of creating good, positive feelings - it should be nothing less...

The purpose of this page is to fill in a bit of what I see as missing in understanding plus give some perspectives and insights...and then refer you to resources prescreened for usefulness.

See "the other part" that melds with making love in the highest sense... Love, Loving, And Being Loved, Contents, Links

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Love, Loving, And Being Loved, Contents, Links 

Some more info about the chemistry of this all

The Neurochemistry Of Attachment - Creating And Keeping The Long Term Relationship

The Love Quest - Let The Chemicals Reign!?! Or Play To Win? 

The Biochemistry Of Love - Seeking To Perpetuate The Species - What "drives" us and how can we be in charge of creating the best from it???

The Neurochemistry Of Romance - Compelling And Erroneous - Beware!  Be aware!

Be aware of the effect of the relationship "stages"

Select Your Choice In The Stages Of Close Relationships - Will you go into the "default" (not so good) mode after the irreality mode...???

Love Making - Honoring It And Having It Be Fully Fulfilling

Making Love -The Barriers We Set Up And Why - Please handle (and eliminate) these, for your sake and for your partner's!

What Makes Me Feel Loved - Write down what makes you feel loved, so that you can know better AND so your partner will know (instead of guessing) how to make you feel loved!

Why Have Sex?  It's More Than Sex!!! - One page, of great insights...

When Desire Is Not There At The Time - Or "It's Not About The Desire" - We get so mixed up about this and it causes so many problems, when it need not!

Sex - What If I'm Not In The Mood? - Vital to know that you need to say so AND how to communicate it.

Being Wonderful Lovers - Goes beyond sexuality.

For the woman

The Truly Loving Woman - Contrasting the "not truly loving" woman with the truly loving woman...

As A Man, Here's What Making Love Means To Me - One man's view, but... pretty insightful!

The Insecurities Of Most Men - Doubts About One's Adequacy Or Attractiveness 

For the guy

Gain alot more knowledge about how a woman feels and how things work for women!  See the recommended books on the Love Making page.

The Insecurities Of Most Men - Doubts About One's Adequacy Or Attractiveness 

A "form" of making love

Keeping The Love Tank Filled - Making Meaningful Deposits And Avoiding Disastrous Withdrawals - Find out what your and your partners "love languages" are...makes a relationship so much easier!

Enter "making love" into the search engine to see the pieces that include references to making love. 
Is It Inside Or Outside The Intimacy Circle? - Such sharing can make a huge difference in the expression of love in other ways...


Read at least 3 books on this subject!!!!  See the resources on the Love Making page.