The person who is aware of what is going and who adjusts as needed will live a great life, for he/she will be making sure that he/she is living in the zone of high functioning.  He/she can also choose to live in the "H+ Zone", of very high functioing and accepting nothing less.  The person who follow this general way of living is Living Life As A Life Success Champion.


The Pause is a necessary piece of living a good life, as it allows for the thinking necessary to guide life better, rather than just rushing forth with no thinking (and having one's life run by the primitive or monkey mind!).

While the pause can be used to ask the question "what is the best choice here" in a particular situation, it would also be used very frequently during the day to do the "Always Check-in". 

The Always Check-in consists of checking in to see what level of functionality one is at in the moment and then using the answer to adjust appropriately to assure high functionality.  While it may appear to be expeditious to not stop and adjust, it is always a bad idea to not stop and adjust, for operating at a level of less than a good functionality has great costs.  (Of course, in emergency circumstances one is forced to continue regardless of one's condition, except that it is almost always good to do at least the quickie parts that put oneself back in charge of oneself, if you can afford 30-60 seconds to do it.)

This is like checking to make sure your car is operating well (with no red lights) or the plane you're flying has sufficient fuel and operational functioning.  The key indicators are no different than you might guess:

Is my energy good?  (If not, do a restorer, like a nap or meditation, or an energizer.)

Is my breathing slow and deep?  (If not, do the Deep Breathing exercises.)

Am I holding (tensing) in any area of my body? (If you are, do the body Relaxation exercises.)

Am I emotionally "upset" in any way?  Fear, anxiety, rushed, etc. (Breathing and relaxing both help control emotions, as emotions are merely biochemical sensations.  But it is often necessary and helpful to inquire into what is going on and to use soothing or coping statements.  If there is insufficient time to process, it must be recorded and dealt with at a later time.)

Any conflicting needs or a need to be met? (Hungry, sleepy, tired, conflicting concerns to handle)

Anything else malfunctioning?

The check-in process is almost instantaneous once you get it grooved in through repeating it over time.  It is vital that you master this and use it frequently so that you are functioning magnificently in your life!


We fail to notice or adequately focus on what is going right and what is not going right. 
Obviously, we would then fail to make the adjustments that would make a significant difference in our lives. 

Sometimes, many people fail to focus long enough to actually "bother" to correct what leads to undesired results - and those people end up with lives that are more difficult and full of more problems. 

Life is actually very easy and smooth if we make adjustments in a timely (rapid) manner. 

So, for our significant items we wish to track we use measuring and monitoring techniques to assure that the necessary data (facts) pop up in front of our eyes so that we are sure to see it. 

We also do "check-ins", in a sense, whenever we do our daily, weekly, or other periodic planning, as there are always (in a good system) questions that are asked to assure that we address whatever item that is important to look at and adjust if necessary.  See the Planning Forms Links page for the various forms you can use as models or a basis for your own design.


If we look back at the end of the day or the week or whatever and say "gee, I was really operating poorly" in whatever area, we have lost all the time and left ourselves underfunctioning and living less of a life for that period of "lagging" in our response.

That is the equivalent of carelessly wasting our lives and flushing it down the drain, even though it was accidental.

If you want more life in your life, do the Always Check-In and the other checkins!

It will make a huge difference in your life for sure!!!!