I pulled this from Ultimate Confidence, as I thought it was worth its own separate section.  It is only slightly modified here.


No Mastery    Low mastery    Some mastery    Level 2     Level 3     Mastery
      0        1        2        3        4        5        6       7        8       9       10

No or low confidence                 →                        Ultimate Confidence
No or low self-esteem                                            Total self regard and respect
Low results                                                             Actively producing results
Not highly reliable                                                  Ultimate confidence to rely on self
Need others' approval                                             Self approval
Dependent on others                                               Super self-dependence
No wisdom foundation                                            Wisdom (practical, re: life)
Operate in "shoulds"                                                Acceptance of reality
Minimal life knowledge                                           Maximal life knowledge
Minimal learning                                                     Maximal learning
Reactive to feelings                                                 Thinking with higher brain
Seeking relief                                                          Creating what is desired
Blame, make-wrong                                                No-blame, compassion
Uncertainty, doubt, non-definiteness, unclear         Certainty, definedness, clarity
Beliefs unexamined                                                 Beliefs identified, corrected

Rate each of the 15 line items on a scale of 1 to 10 and then add up the score. (Read further by entering the relevant words into the search engine or click an already linked item.)

60 or less = Need dramatically more education and direction, asap!
61-75      = Struggling way too much with life, still a bit apathetic
76-90      = Low mastery:  The beginning levels of having a better life
91-115    = Some mastery: Beginning to master life, some wisdom, need for more
116-130  = Level 2- 3:  Making good tradeoffs between long term and short term, need to fill in what is missing, relatively happy
131-150  = Mastery:  Experiencing life fully, satisfied, free, fully in charge, powerful

Is your score (and actual status) at the level you would want it? 

If not, follow, and stick to until you have fully arrived, the steps to gaining Ultimate Confidence, laid out in that piece. You "get to" choose whether or not to follow the path to Living Masterfully.

Realism of how far to go right now

Although going from Level 2 all the way up will have a great payoff for your time, most people will consider that too much to do right now, as a chief focus in life.

The right approach is to work up to Level 2 as soon as one can, while managing the rest of your life as is necessary, but getting only as good in each other area as is minimally necessary under the circumstances. 

This means that you will have two lives: 

1.  A regular operating life.

2.  A mastery life

You simply take one hour a day (or whatever you can "afford") to build mastery and then you use the remaining 23 hours for living life.  As you master life more and more, you'll find that you've "accidentally" freed up much of 23 hour day, as you'll not be spending time cleaning up mistakes or wasting time on what is not of true value in life.