Post this where you will be sure to see it and be reminded to review it (bathroom mirror?) every day!
Don't stop referring to this daily until you've "perfected" it, then tickle to review each month until very reliable, then yearly. (The list with more details is at Sleep Checklist, so review that first and for more detail as needed.)


__ No caffeine after 12 pm
__ No eating after 7 pm (except 100-150 calorie protein/complex-carb snack if needed)
__ No liquids after 6 (except sipping as needed)
__ No computer, tv (blue light) screens one hour before bed (screen dimmer)
__ Absolute lights out sleep at same time every night (earlier the better)
    __ Full 5 sleep cycles in 24 hrs (see app "Sleep Cycle") - 90 min. x 5 = 7-8 hrs
__ Deep relaxation, including slow deep breathing to create best sleep (sleeping "tense" is costly)
__ Hot bath (cooling down causes one to sleep better and sooner)


___ I do not allow my thoughts to come in or be considered as anything to
           pay attention to.  Counting/relaxing will displace them (or a form of
           relaxation that continues onward to keep thoughts out).  Also become very good at
          Thought Handling and not Worrying   Dreaming For Fun While Sleeping - Keep a list by the
          bed, and add to it as you think of ideas. 


__ Always wake up at the same time, even on weekends!!!
__ Alarm, with music goes off in light sleep (see Sleep Cycle app), so no "sleep inertia", grogginess).
__ Get sunlight (or artificial sunlight) first thing in the morning to set Circadian Rhythm times. 
    Awaken with the sun if feasible or use very bright lights in the morning!
__ Full deep breathing (pranayama is "markedly invigorating").
__ Full exercise routine (Wakes up, endorphins, feel better and higher metabolism and functioning
     for 8+ hours!) (Never less than 10 minutes of movement, with deep breathing)
__ Shower (with cold for a set period of time), using Wim Hof breathing…
__ Eat a full breakfast!!!
__ Fully launch your day (see the options)
__ Do the most impactful task first always! 


__ Never allow a "too high" or "too low" condition, correct it to Power Zone quickly!
    __ Rest, energize, eat, and/or hydrate (no sugar highs, excess stimulants)
    __ Naps (5, 10, or 20, but never over 20)
__ Stand up at least hourly (work standing if feasible)
__ Soft, harmonious music, at a very low sound level barely noticeable (affects body harmony,
    believe it or not!)


__ Fully dark room (or at least sleep mask) - Exposure to light costs 10-50% loss of sleep.
__ No "noise" ("white it out" with white noise machine if needed, use internet search) or earplugs!!!
__ Slightly cool temp but comfortable (68ish up to 72ish, covering up or uncovering to adjust comfort)
__ Comfortable sheets (winter: use "fleece/flannel" sheets)
__ Comfortable, supportive mattress/bed/pillow; pillow:  no sore neck and not having to wake up
    to adjust
__ High quality air ionizer/cleaner (and a plant?)

Know this and be convinced of it!

Sleep Is The Essential Link To Having A Good Life! - Become An Expert At It!!!!!!! - See the great costs of not sleeping sufficiently!

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