The purpose of this page is to both give you a reading sequence, but also to have you test yourself and then make the choice to learn as a ready tool the three types of breathing tools you need to navigate life without stress and with a lot more energy! (Key referencepage overall:  Energy, Rest, Contents, Links.)

Read first

Breathe To Feel Good - Don't Breathe = Feel Bad - We "dis""integrate" into fast, shallow breathing throwing us into under-oxygenating and imbalance in CO2, where we feel more anxious.

Know these types of breathing, at a minimum

Breathing For Energy And Peaceful Composure - The core ways of breathing:
1. Centering,
2. Deep breathing, and
3. Fast breathing for energy
Know these down cold, by memory! 

The 10 Deep Breaths Strategy - Preparing For Higher Functioning Of Your Higher Brain

Power Breathing And Body Cooling - Energy Generation And Immune Functioning - This includes the Wim Hof breathing, which I recommend you learn and employ (it's easy) as one of your standard tools in life.

The problem for most people, to avoid!

The Hyperventilation Process - And Its Cure - Panic, anxiety, damage to the body, stress - all are involved in this process and should be cured asap!!!  See also Hyperventilation - What Percent Is Curable?

Special types of breathing

Buteyko - For anxiety, panic, CO2 balancing, see the Hyperventilation discussions.

Wim Hof breathing - For full oxygenation and energy, described in the Power Breathing article.

Do You Pass The Minimum Test?

I have mastered (and have been reviewed by a qualified expert) breathing techniques that I can bring forth as needed (from memory) in the moment to do what is needed:

__ Full diaphragmatic breathing for physiological balance and healthy functioning.
    __ Only the belly moving
          __ Not the shoulders or chest
    __ Deep, full, slow (and full outbreath)
    __ Ears over the shoulders
    __ No hunching over
         __ No constricted chest

__ Calming, centering emotional homeostasis

__ Energizing breath to bring energy back to the proper level and, indeed, into the Power Zone.

Also should be required:

__ My work area is ergonomically sound.
    (See Ergonomics.)
__ I take restoring breaks every 60-90 minutes.