The purpose of this page is to both give you a reading sequence, but also to have you test yourself and then make the choice to learn as a ready tool the three types of breathing tools you need to navigate life without stress and with a lot more energy(See also the key reference page overall:  Energy, Rest, Contents, Links.)

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Read first

Breathe To Feel Good - Don't Breathe = Feel Bad - We "dis""integrate" into fast, shallow breathing throwing us into under-oxygenating and imbalance in CO2, where we feel more anxious.

Know these types of breathing, at a minimum

Breathing For Energy And Peaceful Composure - The core ways of breathing: 
1. Centering, 
2. Deep breathing, and 
3. Fast breathing for energy
Know these down cold, by memory!  

The 10 Deep Breaths Strategy - Preparing For Higher Functioning Of Your Higher Brain 

Power Breathing And Body Cooling - Energy Generation And Immune Functioning - This includes the Wim Hof breathing, which I recommend you learn and employ (it's easy) as one of your standard tools in life. 

The problem for most people, to avoid!

The Hyperventilation Process - And Its Cure - Panic, anxiety, damage to the body, stress - all are involved in this process and should be cured asap!!!  See also Hyperventilation - What Percent Is Curable? 

Special types of breathing

Buteyko - For anxiety, panic, CO2 balancing, see the Hyperventilation discussions.

Wim Hof breathing - For full oxygenation and energy, described in the Power Breathing article.

Do You Pass The Minimum Test?

I have mastered (and have been reviewed by a qualified expert) breathing techniques that I can bring forth as needed (from memory) in the moment to do what is needed: 

__ Full diaphragmatic breathing for physiological balance and healthy functioning.
     __ Only the belly moving
           __ Not the shoulders or chest
     __ Deep, full, slow (and full outbreath)
     __ Ears over the shoulders
     __ No hunching over
          __ No constricted chest

__ Calming, centering emotional homeostasis

__ Energizing breath to bring energy back to the proper level and, indeed, into the Power Zone

Also should be required:

__ My work area is ergonomically sound.
     (See Ergonomics.)
__ I take restoring breaks every 60-90 minutes.

To operate well in life, we need energy and composure.  Remarkably, we need only two basic tools for the moment, which permit us to get back into prime operating condition for creating and consistently living our best lives:   Breathing in more to energize up and breathing out more to calm ourselves and get back into control of our life!

Read at least the first 4 summaries AND commit now, right away, to living life at this higher level!!!!!