This piece is to emphasize one of the key aspects of what reality is.  (See and understand fully What Is Reality?  Know What It Is Or Suffer From Irreality.) 


The world we live in is physical (energy and matter).

As such, it is ALL mechanical.  It is completely mechanical and nothing else.  Even the "invisible" air waves and radio signals. 

I write this because we MUST know that it is all mechanical and not of some super-mysterious, mystical forces.  If we don't know this, we will seek solutions down paths that are unreal and unworkable - and we'll waste a lot of our lives, not only in using time that could have been used for better purposes but in no longer incurring the damage that happens when we smash up against reality!

The only workable path in life is ALL mechanical. 


Because we experience emotion and "meaning" and impulses, we make it up that there is some entity or entities running the show that somehow must be in existence to "explain" why things are as they are.  Those are all created by mechanics and subject to the laws of the physical world(!!!). 

But the lack of knowledge about how the physical world and everything in it works leaves us using strategies, tactics that don't work and won't work unless it luckily affects some mechanics that cause it to work...

(It is essential - for it is the very basis for how we end up with so many false beliefs, many of which cause damage or at the least cause loss of something good we could have had - to understand how and why we "make up" things that on closer examination are nonsense.  You MUST understand this if you want to have a more workable and happier life.  Please read and understand this piece, going as deep as you need to by following the links so that you truly can operate your life better from totally "getting" this key point about life:  The Believing Brain - Know This! Or Be The Victim Of It, For Life!  It's only 3 pages long!)


Given that the world is completely mechanical, including our bodies and minds, we can logically deduce that the way to get the results we want in life are also completely mechanical.  (Duh!  Of course!)  In the real world, everything that occurs occurs from a prior cause.  There are no exceptions. 

Any "end result" we get comes from some things we've done before that caused them.  They all occur in steps that are usually in a set sequence.  We have a broad name for a sequence.  We call it a system.  To get the desired result we do not need to try to "power over" or overpower anything - as nature and reality always win the battle.  We simply assure that the proper system is in place that will get the result.  If we don't get the desired result, we simply go back and look at the steps to see which one was faulty and correct it.  Those who are successful in life are those people who simply 1) note that there was a "bad" result, 2) look for the cause of the bad result, and 3) fix the faulty system until the desired result is attained.  Simple, but few people do it.  (See and understand Living Life As A Life Champion.)

People attribute mysterious qualities and causes to emotions, beliefs, impulses, and such.  But they are all subject to the same reality and can be fixed using the same thinking.  Beliefs are systems of thinking, in a sense.  (We even use the term "belief system", but fail to cognate on the fact that they are just a system.)  Beliefs cause emotions which come from our emotional systems.  Mostly the emotional systems work, and the fault is mostly in the bad beliefs that cause the emotions that feel negative or "feel bad".  It is ALWAYS true that a "bad feeling" indicates a bad belief or a physical malfunction that is usually from our bad behavior (which is based on "bad beliefs"). 

Behaviors are mechanically caused.  We only have a limited amount of energy and resources, which is a mechanical truth and reality.  If we see that behaviors are actually part of a system, we can then facilitate the system operating better.  Behavioral change is itself a system, not a mysterious thing that we fail at due to forces that overpower us to get in the way.  If one inserts steps (often called strategies) that are missing and/or needed to be corrected, change will absolutely occur. 

If we want life to work well, we honor the idea of limited resources and limited attention and thinking capability of the higher brain, the solution is to develop systems that operate automatically without effort (attention from the higher brain).  We set up as many as possible, using physical training of the mental circuits, of what we call
"habits", for they are tremendously energy saving and tremendously forwarding and, put together, they are tremendously powerful.  They free us up to use the most powerful machine of all:  the higher brain, which is the key to creating the greatest life!!!!! 

Habits are in a class that include set routines to follow, rituals (a sort of routine), set schedules to follow, procedures to follow (even checklists where we don't need to use the higher brain to re-decide or figure out what to do next), and such. 

Again, life will absolutely work if we tweak and/or develop systems that work. 

And that is not "hard", as we simply do one thing at a time (physically we can only take one step at a time, with no miraculous leaps in some metaphysical world!).  We see something we want, we find, copy, or design a system that will work to get it.  We see that something is not working, we just fix it right away.  And if we do that, life is easy and wonderful.  If we don't, life will often suck and be hard. 


Once one properly understands this reality, one can more easily "get" that there is no basis for "faulting" ourselves or others.  There is no basic for pejorative (blame) judging and criticizing of others.  Those are just "bad" strategies based on false beliefs.  If one wants to have a truly good life one must eliminate this false belief and know that there is no fault, for then, and only then, can we clearly and freely look to see objectively what will work.  This is another super-principle of life.  Do not let yourself fall short of fully understanding this, for understanding it and living it will cause many, many anxieties and wasted behaviors to disappear into nothingness - seriously!  (Read No Fault - Just "Not Knowing, Yet..." - Whatever Happens, Happens For A Valid Human Reason.)


Every single item in this piece is essential to understand and live by if one is to have a great life.  The more we violate these truths and principles and laws, the worse off we are.   DO NOT STOP SHORT OF "GETTING" THESE!

Read each piece as if you were a proactive student intent on being able to get sufficient knowledge to be able to actually implement this in the running of your life.  It is essential, absolutely necessary, for you to grok this fully and to live these fully - it'll totally change your life!!!

However, I recommend that you do the "initial read", overview, first, by reading these pieces in this order (and noting which links you might want to go down later):

What Is Reality?  Know What It Is Or Suffer From Irreality

The Believing Brain - Know This! Or Be The Victim Of It, For Life!

I Am A Human Pipeline - I Shall Live Based On That, Not On Irreality

No Fault - Just "Not Knowing, Yet..." - Whatever Happens, Happens For A Valid Human Reason

Then, once you've got the overview and how it all fits together, you can go "down the rabbit hole" by following the links UNTIL you have sufficient knowledge!  Don't forget to follow the other links on this page!

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