If you don't put something into practice, it goes nowhere.  And if you do "regular" practices, then they become habitual, effortless, and highly productive!

Practices For Your Life - To Create Happiness And Life Effectiveness - The main page and overall explanation.

A List Of Possible Practices - A beginning list, but lots of good ideas.

Possible Program For Practices - Of course, there are others, but you might want to use this to structure yours around.

The Most Essential Life Practices In Order To Be Happiest  

The Happiness Practices - Do These And You'll Be Enduringly Happy - Do ALL of these!!!!

Extreme Self Care - Highly recommended! 

Daily Questions Process - Questions that make a difference - every day!  3 minutes a day, to help you achieve full potential.  From super effectiveness expert Marshall Goldsmith 

Practices - Why Do Practices - Necessary to living a fulfilling life with peace of mind and health.

Check/Monitoring Sheet For Practices - This has a 31 days checkoff format, with a list of practices you will find useful to adopt.  It also lists the frequency with which you would do each.


A number of the items above, of course, could be incorporated into morning routines and/or rituals.

Grounding And Centering Contents, Links - Do these!  Follow the links to what you pick out as interesting and/or possible.

The Morning Ritual - Launching Yourself Into Creating A Great Day! - Links to a number of useful pieces, even a few videos!

Tie together with

Habits - Powerful - And Easily Replaceable! 

Willpower - Where it IS NOT useful and where it can be if we take care of it!  Vital to know!

Super-Principle:  Good Programs And Good Procedures For Life To Work Well!!!