Choose these right and your life will be dramatically and significantly affected for the better.  This is your life!  As far as we can verify, this is the only chance you’ll have, so we might as well do it as right as we can – so we can reach the ultimate goal of life: to be very happy.

Make no mistake about it, if you choose the right paths it will take some directed effort.  The time taken for that will seem to take away from other activities that are more relaxed or distracting.  But the time taken will not only save your wasting vastly much more time in your life on things that have low payoffs for you it will also create vastly higher payoffs in terms of happiness and satisfaction with life and its parts.

Choose and decide on:

I.   Managed Life, Not A Random One (See the discussion, so you fully understand what this means.)

II.  A Commitment To Happiness Oriented Practices Throughout Life 

III. A "Healthy", Suitable Means Of Providing Sufficient Income

IV.  A "Healthy", Suitable Relationship Partner

V.   A Health Protocol That Creates The Best Vehicle For Carrying You Thru Life 


While this “should be” “obvious”, it actually is not.  People are short term oriented, so they will do what appears to be the easiest and most readily available activity.  People will hold on to “old ideas” and beliefs that are unexamined, such as “I must have pleasure and eating gives me pleasure.  My family entertained around it and we had fun and we really let go and drank a lot.”  Without getting some perspective, most people will live their lives out on that belief basis – such a waste!  It would seem that such life affecting decisions should be made with clarity and thought, but few do it. 

It is so much easier to be a gradually boiling frog  in life – cooked but not happy or not nearly as happy as one could be.  [A frog thrown into boiling water will immediately jump out.  However, if one puts a frog into lukewarm water and then gradually heats it up, the comfortable frog in its not noticing what is happening a degree at a time will boil to death without trying to jump out.  People will live lives full of tv, reactive behavior (anger, resentment, upset, etc.), stress, bad relationships, distracting addictions, and low payoff and/or harmful activities.  Often they never know what they missed, but the way they lived was not as healthy (or even healthy, period) or nearly as happy as it could have been.  Most people don’t even know how happy they can be…}

Or to be right, but not truly happy.  [Certain types of personalities have “confidence” that the way they are living life is the right way and that it works.  But the “controls” produce limiting boundaries where one has insufficient perspective on what else could be brought in to create much, much more happiness.]   

Or to be “ok” , but not truly happy. [This can be a “justification” without much thought.  People say things like “I didn’t study psychology, do counseling, or do any of that growth stuff.  I just learned by living.  And I turned out just fine.  Therefore…”  After the “therefore” comes a conclusion that is largely unjustified, for these people could have lived an even better life had they so chosen on purpose from what is known now (or even “back then”).]

Or to be the flea in the jar, always limiting oneself. [The deadly proclamation to oneself that “it is too much work to achieve that” or “I am (or my children are) not achievement oriented (or “that type of people”) is total, unadulterated, limited-view manure.  The flea in the jar story is from actually scientific studies where fleas are put into jar with a lid on them, jumping up and down and hitting the lid until they learn not to jump too high.  Then the lid is removed and they never jump higher than where the lid was, limiting themselves to “old” data and living their lives that way.  People do the same.  Needlessly wasting life.] 


Deciding what will work and what is wanted and then going through a systematic way of getting all you want is vastly superior to making a few random decisions as required by circumstances and outside forces.  A managed life can be 10 to 100 times happier than the alternative. 

See Life Management - Managing Your Life To Create The Life You Love.  The life you love won't come about from passive, random living and/or hope.  It must be developed from a systematic life learning program that establishes full life capability.  One must be in full control of oneself and not have the primitive lower mind's urges, impulses, whims, and other "signals" determine one's life (as if they are more powerful than oneself).  This sounds like it could be hard, but it is not - and, indeed, you will find that life is easier and far more enjoyable this way!!!!

This is the only path that will work for you to be living a life full of vitality, fully experiencing life in technicolor, fully alive, fully awake, fully satisfied and happy!


One’s beliefs about what will make one happy are almost always incorrect by a substantial margin.  Learning what actually makes one happy, as scientifically determined and proposed by the actual experts, is essential, as it leads to the ability to discriminate on where the biggest payoffs are.  Then one must put in place, for life, those practices that create the greatest amount of happiness.

See the Happiness section to learn more.


Before retirement, people spend more time in their career than all other “awake” activities, so it would make sense that thoughtful, informed consideration should be used.

The career can significantly influence one’s lifestyle, one’s stress level, one’s self-esteem and confidence, one’s relationships, and one’s happiness.  Some careers are even depressing! 

Matching a career to one’s interests, values, and skills is vital to the whole process.
The process of choosing the right career is worth many, many, many hours of study and careful consideration.

You must meet the six criteria for your  means of providing sufficient income for your life: Choosing The Right Career/Business - Measure Twice, Cut Once .   

See the Career section to learn more.



                                   “Measure twice, cut once.”


Although we all “know” that a good partner makes a difference, we let “romantic” ideas and incorrect perceptions rule the day – and one’s life.  Being knowledgeable in this area and doing whatever it takes to be sure that one has a suitable, relationship-healthy partner is vital to life.  Having the right partner is definitely one of the greatest influences on one’s happiness in life.  Spend the time and effort to “make sure” – this will produce one of the biggest positive payoffs for anything you can do.

See Selecting A Partner section.


Speak of the gradually boiling frog syndrome!  This is one of the biggest areas that people just let go, just doing what “comes naturally” with occasional spurts of awareness and effort, drifting into “satisfactorily sufficient, get-by-with-it” “ill health”.  Fat accumulates, sugar metabolism is thrown way off, energy dissipates and is far less than optimal, one does not feel nearly as good as one can, pain happens, and then chronic disease “suddenly” occurs.   Foolish, foolish, foolish! 

Many people see being healthy as too much effort and a sacrifice to “feeling good.”  Ironically, having good health will actually create a greater total of feeling good than all the ice cream and treats could ever create.  

Giving away our health out of default and lackadaisicalness is one of the greatest insults to living a good life – to the great gift that has been given to us.   

See the Health section  to learn more.

Now, go to the decision section, next.


____ I choose to do nothing different.  Too little interest and/or too much effort to do  
____ I choose to do a little bit different.
____ I choose to look at the introduction pieces, at least, and decide whether to
       commit to each way of living.
I choose to commit to learning and implementing fully:
     ____ An excellently managed life
     ____ A life fully committed to happiness practices
     ____ A rationally, systematically chosen career
     ____ A partner who will contribute greatly to my happiness
     ____ A health protocol that is excellent

Signed: _____________________________  Date:  ____/____/____



From here we must choose the specific paths to take.  Be sure to have read the "Jump Right In, Here" box on the home page, from which you can directly pick one of the paths to start with.

Although you'll run across this again in the processes on this site, I would like to call your attention to one factor, which if you commit fully to do will totally transform your life: 

Completing The Decision - The Necessary Step To Move Forward - A too large percentage of "well meaning" people get stuck at the border between idea and action.  One must, indeed, commit to Completion - which is the process that creates great power.  Without it, life gets rather wimpy.   

See the decision before this one

The One Decision That Determines All Of Life!!!!

Only action not intentions

Completing The Decision - The Necessary Step To Move Forward - A too large percentage of "well meaning" people get stuck at the border between idea and action.  One must, indeed, commit to Completion - which is the process that creates great power.  Without it, life gets rather wimpy.