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Responsibility, dependency, run by others...

How do you rate on the responsibility scale?

A person with internal reference is happier than an external reference person - The external reference person loses his power to "out there". 

Unintentional "Emotional Abuse" In Relationships - Abuse, unknowingly is still abuse...
Recovering, invigorating, renewing...

The Waterfall Effect - Thinking, Rejuvenating and ... - Without adequate recovery there is a downward killer waterfall effect.

Do this! Be grounded EVERY DAY! - You must start the day in the full power mode!

Life effectiveness

Help, contribute...but only judiciously... don't fall into the traps!!! - Too much of anything will be harmful and way too much of something is very harmful! 
For a much, much better life!

Make these key decisions in life for a great life! - Find out what the key decisions are and make them with great care and thought!  

The biggest effector of life - Do this and you'll have a quantum higher life!

BUILD a life, don't just live by hope and maybes and a little bit here and there... - How to guarantee a great life!  

Commitment to do what is necessary for the higher life - Without this, you will not make it, as life will control your destiny and not you! 
Learning, examining, testing, correcting

Born... Learn Ways Of Proceeding That Work Better For More And More Great Results... - Set things up so they work automatically and much better!

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