Blogs can be useless distracters and wastes of time, where we are seeking stimulus or brief promises of hope and success or a good life in the future - but with no value that is lasting and true.

The problem with most good blogs is that they have more information value in them than can be utilized in a short, brief reading or in the time you have available at the moment.  So, if there is value to be harvested, you must proactively then set up a time to harvest it. (Duh! Of course!)


First of all, delete all blogs that have no useful substance or adequate credibility.

Then seek to gather blogs that are useful and beget effectiveness. (Most often you "network" into them gradually, but randomly to a large extent.  But some of your sites actually point to other sites that are useful, having screened many already for your benefit, such as The Best, Top Self-Improvement, Life Improvement Sites, a dynamic list, to which you could add (contact me), in the spirit of Pay It Forward.

The blogs then are to be used as "reminders" or "flags" of what you could focus on to create something greater in life and/or to solve something that is subtracting from life (yours OR someone whom you care greatly about - which is why you should often pass valuable posts on to others whose lives you wish to have be better).

Then, use "The Process", in the upper right hand information box.


As a true, effective learner of life, you would also take this piece you are reading now and apply the suggested process to it in order to fully harvest the value that can be derived from this effective harvesting process!   You would, as a part of that, study and fully understand and implement the contents of the Effective Learning piece. 

Smart, Directed, Effective Learning, To Create The Life You Love - This is most often "the missing link" to creating what you want to have in your life and in who you are!  This is obvious, but it is time you heeded it!!!! ('Tis time to stop passively living our lives!)

How To Best Use This Website More Effectively For Better Results


SAVE. For an especially good piece, save the entire piece to a findable place, such as in Evernote, so that you can highlight it and/or copy key phrases into your own summary.  (See the end of this article on what to do.)

TICKLE it (and its pieces) for follow-up when you have time (going into your simple effective task management system).


Plan: Proactively formulate your own "lesson plan" (learning plan), as your teacher might in a classroom.  (In some cases, some blogs will already have "lesson plans" in the form of reading lists or actual programs or paths to follow.

Gain true understanding:  No "half-a--ed" understanding is allowed any more into your world, as you don't have time not to be effective.  True understanding is that which is sufficient to have one be able to use something to get a result (i.e. implement it for gain)

Implement it all! All the parts worth doing should then be tickled and done in their own appropriate time.


The results of becoming more effective with your use of time are always the freeing up of lots of time. And, if you are a member of "The Best Life Club" (and not the "wasters of life" club) then you will use that freed up time for what is most enjoyable/valuable to you.  That means you are getting more out of life! 

It is is up to you to use these effectively (for results!) as a tool to create a great life, instead of being a passive Pokeyman (trying to be stimulated by "outside") in life, most likely living Groundhog Day over and over and over and over, living in the drift, but not rowing your own boat to where you want to be in the river of life, too often being thrown into the banks of life, suffering needlessly and not getting on down to your life's destinations (and waypoints).

Most people use blogs uselessly and/or ineffectively, as they violate the Effective Learning key principles: 

Their approach is random (and not tied together nor selected for current relevance and are, therefore, irrelevant [!!!] at the time). 

Not smart!

They are often not systematic (not complete enough, with no program that leads to results [or "effects"].  They lead to nothing, no results - and are just a waste of time.

Not smart!